3 Best Toners for Melasma Treatment and Prevention

People with oily skin or acne problems need a good toner for everyday use. Toners are also great for cleansing the skin after wearing makeup for a while. If you tend to use several layers of skin products, you can use the toner to clear your skin before sleeping so the pores can breathe.

The best way to apply toner is to use a soft cotton ball and gently blotting it on your skin. After which, wipe the cotton to spread the solution and cover the entire face. This will remove excess oil and give your face an appearance of small pores.

Our skin produces a natural acid with a PH balance between five and six. When you cleanse with soap, the PH balance of your skin gets disturbed by the alkaline nature of most soaps. When this happens, your skin will have to restore the balance again by producing oil. But, applying a toner helps restore the balance immediately.

Toners also close pores and tighten gaps in the cells, reducing significantly the penetrative capacity of impurities and contaminants in the air. They can also protect and remove chlorine and minerals present in tap water that may attach to your skin when washing.

For those with hyperpigmentation, dark spots and melasma, a good toner is highly necessary. Some products have a brightening effect which reduces the appearance of spots and blemishes. The following are the three best toners we recommend based on our thorough research of current brands.

3. First Botany Vitamin B3 Magic Toner

first-botany-tonerThe B3 Magic Toner is a light solution that penetrates quickly into the skin. It has 2% Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide that is proven to lessen water loss in the skin and help retain the fatty acids. This helps keep the skin look plump, young and firm giving you a youthful complexion. Vitamin B3 also prevents skin pigmentation and lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines resulting into a balanced skin texture.

Niacinamide is a brightening agent that works well in inhibiting the transfer of melanosome found in melanocyte towards the keratinocyte. Proctor & Gamble has recently done a study that showed significant skin lightening in the subjects using a combination of glucosamine and niacinamide. On the average, results are expected to be visible within the first 12 weeks of daily use. Click here for possible discount and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2Vivant Skin Care 9% Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Toner

vivant-skin-tonerVivant Skin Care’s Toner is made with an advanced formula that is meant for people with a tolerance to low level AHA and oily skin. The toner boosts skin treatment or restoration especially with severe acne, fine lines and melasma. Mandelic Acid is a bitter almond extract that brightens and rejuvenates the skin without causing any kind of irritation. People with sensitive skin will do well using this product. Some who experience post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation will also find this product mild enough not to worsen the case. It also has a natural antibacterial ingredient that can treat inflammation, suppress pigmentation, and rejuvenate aged skin. Click here for possible discount and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. CBella Organic Brightening Toner with Vitamin C and Enzymes

Cbella-tonerHyperpigmentation, age spots and melasma can be treated mildly by this strong non-irritating solution by CBella. It is a skin lightening toner that is rich in papaya enzyme and Vitamin C. It also contains bilberry, lemon extracts and sugar cane – all of which help to lighten spots. Papaya is very effective on correcting blemishes and large pores. The raspberry extract in the solution stops skin aging, promoting a youthful glowing complexion. Ellagic acid, a substance in raspberries, prevents the skin from being too elastic. Thus, it is less prone to stretching and producing fine lines. The mild toner is good for daily use even on those with sensitive skin. It should be a part of your regular skin regime in order to restore the PH Balance. Click here for possible discount and consumer reviews on Amazon.