3 Best BB Creams for Melasma

The BB in BB creams stand for beauty balms. They were first made by a practicing dermatologist in Germany who wanted to create a cream that is capable of protecting the skin and provide coverage following laser treatments. Come spring of 2011, the said creams started its debut in the US market. Today, almost every

3 Best Supplements for Melasma

Melasma occurs mostly on the face and negatively affects the quality of life of a sufferer. Protect the skin from direct ultraviolet rays from the sun to prevent melasma from getting worse by using a high-quality sunblock with at least Sun Protection Factor of 15. Using toners and creams with tretinoin, kojic acid, alpha arbutin, and

3 Best Chemical Peels for Melasma

There is no complete cure for melasma. The best way to control the recurring dark patches on the skin caused by sun exposure is to use chemical peels regularly. The patches are usually worsened by fluctuations in the hormone levels of the body. By using a chemical peel together with lightening creams, sunscreen and constant

The Difficulty of Treating Melasma

Melasma is a discoloring skin condition which develops and heals at a gradual rate. It is difficult to treat because both epidermis and dermis are affected. Treatments require time before they are successful. Elevated estrogen levels during pregnancy help to make women vulnerable to melasma. Continued exposure to sunlight slows the healing process, frequently creating