The Results of a Pilot Study of Using Collagen Microneedling for Treating Melasma

Findings of a Pilot Study Brazilian dermatologists discovered in their recent study that collagen microneedling has caused beneficial skin changes with the goal of curing melasma. Melasma is most common among women in the child-bearing ages of 25-50. The hyperpigmentation is usually caused by the abnormal production of melanin caused by changes in the hormones.

3 Best Sunscreens for Melasma

Anyone suffering from skin hyperpigmentation should be aware that using the best sunscreen for melasma is essential to everyday life. Any effect of the treatment you have been doing to fix your skin problems will only be undone if you go out and expose your skin under the sun without protection. This is most true

3 Best Concealers for Melasma

A perfect skin care kit cannot do without a concealer that is capable of hiding the most bothersome spots and age lines on the face. Covering up all dark circles, freckles, dark spots and fine lines instantly transforms your tired face into a brighter and younger one. Depending on the coverage you want, there is